10 Simple Rules to Save Money on a Gluten Free Diet

To get a balanced and healthy gluten free diet and stay on budget, you will need to learn all the savvy gluten free shopping tips and tricks you can get your hands on!

So let’s get started…

Rule #1 Always Plan Ahead

If you’ve ever asked yourself “DAMN what was so expensive?” or went to the supermarket for milk and came back with 60 other things you didn’t even need…

Then what you need is a little bit of planning! Here’s some tips to consider:

Get inspired! Keep it fun and interesting and add some diversity to your menu. Try a new recipe each week, add an ethnic night or do something challenging and exiting in the kitchen to spice up your week!

Best way to be inspired is reading tons of recipe cookbooks, gluten free food blogs, articles and last but not least our beloved secret weapon Pinterest!

Ask for feedback! You can ask your family if they have any meal ideas or let your kids pick a meal of the week!

Stop wandering through the aisles and tossing everything that caught your attention in the shopping cart! If you plan ahead, your week could be full of delicious and healthy gluten free meals for half the price.

Rule #2 If it Comes in a Box it Won’t Make you a Fox…

Try to incorporate as many whole, unprocessed and naturally gluten free products as you can, like fruits, eggs, nuts, veggies, meats, fish, poultry, rice, beans, legumes…

You’ll eat healthier and avoid paying extra for premium gluten free products.

Rule #3 Create Your Own Gluten Free Flour Mixes

Keeping commercial gluten free mixes in the pantry can be very convenient sometimes…

But if you create your own flour mixes you can save a lot of money, you can experiment with mixes to see what works for your recipes and you can even make them tastier and more nutritional.

Rule #4 Make & Bake!

Instead of purchasing lots of premade expensive or “specialty” gluten free snacks or meals, make your own for half the price & double the nutritional value and flavor!

There is so many amazing recipes for you to try, the gluten free world is your oyster…

Try making your own bread, muffins, cookies and cakes! Be adventurous & challenge yourself by making some gluten free empanadas, tortillas or dumplings…

Rule #5 Simplify In Unique Ways

How many times food in your fridge goes bad? You can stretch your food budget by thinking of simple concepts such as safety storing, handling leftovers & portion control.

Rule #6 Weekly Sales Products

Be inspired with the weekly sales flyer in your grocery store (you can easily find it online). Make your shopping list and menu plan incorporating weekly specials and seasonal produce.

Rule #7 The Bulky Way

Typically, bulk items are cheaper than their alternatives. Canned tomato sauces, rice and beans are things I usually always buy in bulk and stock up.

If there is bulk food deals with shorter expire dates you can cook a huge pot and froze for different rainy days. Slow cooking stews, soups and casseroles are perfect recipes for this!

Rule #8 Gluten Free Coupons & Special Offers

If you are going to buy lots of gluten free products then be a gluten free brand groupie!

Find, call, email your favorite gluten free brands to find latest coupons. Join their newsletters and follow them on twitter to keep up to date with all their special offers!

Here’s some coupons to get you started:

Rule #9 Join Rewards and Loyalty Programs everywhere you shop!

Don’t get lazy! If you don’t have the reward or points card then get it, it usually takes 5 minutes. This programs have tons of special offers and you can collect points and save money on your next grocery trip.

Every little saving effort counts in the long run!

Rule #10 Online Shopping

Sometimes online shopping can be a very savvy choice…Check & compare prices for all your favorite products online, find amazing deals & get your products delivered straight home!

With great deals and promos, The Gluten Free Mall (opened since 1998) is specialized in new and different gluten free items that you might not find at common grocery stores:

Enjoy your extra pocket money from all your gluten free food savings! If you have an amazing gluten free shopping tricks or coupon deals, share it in the comments with the gluten free community.



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