Top 10 Weight Loss Secrets and Healthy Gluten Free Lifestyle Tips

These days there are THOUSANDS of gluten free, weight loss and diet advice on the Internet but MANY of them are NOT scientifically based, provide INACCURATE information and can even HARM your overall health!

No wonder a lot of people FAIL at making small permanent healthy changes…I know I have.

Now let me tell you, I am NOT a fitness model nor I have amazing genes (e.g. people who eat anything and always look amazing cause of their magic metabolism).

I am NORMAL. So if I’m very naughty naturally I gain weight.

BUT If I am good and by good I mean doing exercise everyday like a good hike with my dog mixed with some yoga and”healthish food” – I don’t ever deprive myself from either cheese or wine daily treats – Then I feel great and I am happy with myself.

So I want to UNCOVER some health & fitness myths and give you some of my personal lifestyle tips!

  1. “Fat-Free” products can be high in calories, sugar and refined carbohydrates that means they are not necessary healthy and sometimes should be avoid.
  2. “Sugar Fat” Sugar can be burned for energy or it can be converted into fat and then store it in our fat cells. This depends on multiple factors: our genetic susceptibility, how much sugar you are ingesting and how active you are. Be conscious that sugar is usually very high in process food and even higher on fat free products. Same applies to sodas, process fruit juices, candy bars and other junk food.
  3. “Carbs” The quality and amount of calorie intake every day is the true cause of weight gain. By themselves, carbohydrates do not make you fat.
  4. “Gluten Free Foods” You can find some gluten-free foods that are more calorie dense compared to regular foods that means that gluten free does not equal healthy especially in process food.
  5. “Healthy Diet + Exercise Is the Golden Rule to Weight Loss!” Be aware that if you are exercising too much and your scale is not going down or going higher you are probably gaining muscle.
  6. “Sleeping too much or too little…” This affects decision making, impulse control and your “hunger hormones” (leptin & ghrelin) so it hurts your diet, weight goals and overall health. Try to Sleep 8 hours a day to keep this under control.
  7. “The dangers of sitting down for too long” – The enzymes in charge of burning fat shut down when we sit for long periods of time. Too much sitting may as well lower the good cholesterol and results in a slower metabolism.
  8. “H2O” Always drink plenty of water. Because of malabsorption, people with gluten sensitivities are sometimes dehydrated. Also, it helps keep the bowels smoothly running and cleanse toxins from body organs and tissues.
  9. “Stress” affects the production of sex hormones, makes the cells immune to insulin and increases the cortisol. High insulin and high cortisol keep the cells in fat storage mode instead of fat burning mode.
  10. Top 5 Healthy “Super-Foods” you should always include in your diet: Kale, Blueberries, Spinach, Salmon & Broccoli. Amazing health benefits, delicious and naturally gluten free!

With so many different means of losing weight, fad diets and information overload It’s hard to keep focus, not feel confused or try a “new breakthrough system” every month…Believe me, It’s not worth to suffer or try crazy diet ideas that only give you short term results.

Total waste of time, money and it probably hurts your spirit too.

You don’t need to buy expensive diet foods or get fancy gym memberships…stick to healthy habits that will give you permanent results!

Start with small changes: walk more, add some greens to your meals, drink more water and smile whenever you can because life is wonderful and you are beautiful anyway!


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