Naturally Gluten Free: The Secrets of a Balanced Diet to Restore your Health

Anyone can start a gluten free diet but not everyone will have the benefits that come from a balanced lifestyle. Today I want to share with you my best kept secrets to live naturally gluten free and achieve permanent results.

Almost a year ago I was having a late lunch with two of my closest friends. It was a beautiful breezy summer afternoon, my gluten free lunch was wonderful and we were all enjoying our time together.

After some catching up, Jimmy Kimmel’s show from the night before came up…specifically about the interview to pedestrians were they asked people two questions: Do you follow a gluten free diet? and if yes what is gluten?

Most of the ones following a gluten free diet, actually had no idea what gluten really is! Anyways, the conversation shifted from Jimmy’s video to a serious discussion about “fad” and “trendy” diets.

Of course when people put the word “fad” and gluten free in the same sentence  it makes me angry!

I know how my body reacts to gluten and calling it a fad makes people not taking gluten seriously when many of us really need to follow a gluten free diet or we get terribly sick. We should always create awareness and never discourage people or make fun of other people if they are serious about changing their diets for whatever reason.

I am pretty sure that 1/4 of the population that regularly purchase gluten free products do it not because it’s a trendy diet and they enjoy to pay more money on groceries but because of the health benefits that come with a gluten free lifestyle. So isn’t it kind of silly to call it a “fad”?

I must have transmitted my friends my contagious enthusiasm of not being sick anymore and feeling healthier, happier and even more energetic because after a bottle of chardonnay, it was decided. The gluten free challenge between my friends was starting in a week…they wanted to see if they would benefit from any changes in their health!

They began to put rules and goals, measurements and parameters to rule the “friendly” competition. It would last 3 months and during that time they would write down how they felt physically & mentally… how much weight they would loose and everything related to the new lifestyle change.

Both my friends were quite competitive so they stayed very consistent with their diets…but ONE only lasted a couple of weeks.

The other one made it a habit and became part of her lifestyle…Here’s what I think made the difference:

How to Build a Strong Gluten Free Mind to Make Simple Permanent Changes in Your Lifestyle in only 3 days!

What I am about to share with you is VERY powerful …so use it with caution.

To be successful on any diet and take you away from bad habits, I believe you need WILL POWER that comes from strengthening your mind – your most powerful muscle – that’s what I like to call “Building a Strong Gluten Free Mind”.

The First step is to accept that there are things in life you cannot change, so keep a positive attitude and your eye ALWAYS on the prize – Get healthier, get happy, get relief & live effortless…every day!

A very useful practice – you won’t find any of this in any diet program out there – and something I think everyone should do – is just before you are about to fall asleep think and mentally say to yourself:

“I accept myself unconditionally and I am happy & healthy without gluten

Then, close your eyes and take a few minutes visualizing how you are going to feel in the next few days, how healthy you are going to be, imagine yourself going out to dinner with friends and not worrying about anything, see yourself having fun in the kitchen trying new gluten free recipes, imagine what it feels to be full of energy, picture where you want to be physically and see yourself smiling, content…happy.

It may seem like a strange tip but trust me your mind is your most powerful tool. If you follow this you will see very powerful results in as little as 3 days GUARANTEED!

How Do You Maintain A Simple Well-Balanced & Healthy Gluten Free Lifestyle?

Start Simple & Healthy

  • There are lots of delicious and healthy options if you focus on food groups which are naturally gluten-free such as dairy, meats, vegetables and fruits. You will likely eat more vegetable and fruits when you are on a gluten-free diet and that will be a fantastic healthy habit to maintain throughout your diet plan.
  • To stay healthy keep in mind that you can eat all kinds of nutritious gluten free foods like soy, corn, rice, legumes, nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs, beans, plain poultry, fish and meat.
  • Use fresh meat, poultry or seafood: Choose fresh meats that have not be treated, processed or marinated. You can still marinate your meats, but only using completely ingredients that you 100% know not to have any wheat or gluten.

Remove gluten grains and starches

  • You must avoid barley, non-certified oats, rye, wheat, semolina, spelt, farina, couscous, and many other gluten grains.
  • Add to your diet safe healthy grains and flours like Quinoa, Sorghum, Amaranth, Arrowroot, Buckwheat and Millet

Avoid thickeners

  • Pretty much all thickeners (natural and artificial) have gluten or wheat present. The exception is corn flour, so use this if you require a thickener.
  • Sauces and condiments these days have many different types of thickeners, which mean they probably have gluten present! This includes salad dressings, gravy, soups, custard, etc.

Herbs and plain spices

  • You can replace premade salad dressings and make your own safe gluten free dressings with fresh herbs & spices.

Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics

  • If you are having issues in your pancreas which causes trouble when ingesting proteins and fats, these enzymes may help. The Gut flora’s unbalanced amount causes leaky guts in celiac patients and Probiotics are sometimes necessary.


  • A good gluten-free multivitamin may be recommended by your doctors. You should undergo blood tests in order to see where you stand because you may be suffering from B12 or Folate anemia as well as mineral or vitamin deficiencies as a consequence of malabsorption created by gluten attacks.

Hope you enjoyed my post & that it helps you achieve a healthier & more balanced diet!

2 thoughts on “Naturally Gluten Free: The Secrets of a Balanced Diet to Restore your Health

  1. Can I just say what a relief to discover somebody that actually understands what they’re discussing
    over the internet. You actually realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
    A lot more people must read this and understand this side of your story.

    It’s surprising you are not more popular given that you definitely have the gift.


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